Mariner Club

The PHCS Mariner Club is our before and after school program offering educational and enrichment activities to your child. If your schedule requires you to drop your child off to school before 7:45am, they can enjoy indoor games and activities with other children. Children in the Mariner Club after school benefit from designated homework time, as well as outdoor and indoor activities including art, puzzles, board games and more. 

School begins at 8:15 am and ends at 3:00 pm. Children dropped off before 7:45 am, or not picked up after a 15 - minute grace period after their school dismissal time will be automatically signed into to Mariner Club. It is your responsibility to pay for the charges. There are two payment options to choose from:

Option 1

The hourly rate is for students who will be using Mariner Club once in a while(not regularly). This plan is $5.00 an hour or a portion of the hour per child, (even if you pick up your child(ren) at 3:20 pm. This amount will automatically be billed to you child(ren's) account. A monthly statement will be sent home reflecting any Mariner Club charges.

Option 2

The monthly rate plan is for students who will be using Mariner Club regularly. This option requires a sign up form and will automatically be billed to your account. Mariner Club fees will be reflected on your monthly statement; it is your responsibility to pay the set fee with your monthly tuition on the 5th of each month from September to May. The monthly plan you choose will be the same amount each month, regardless of holidays, vacations or attendance. If your child(ren) stays over the scheduled time, you will be charged a rate of $5.00 per hour. Example: If you are on Plan B your child will need to be picked up by 4:30 pm, if you pick up your child at 4:39 pm you be charged an additional $5.00.

*Monthly Mariner Club Plans are not pro- rated and are charged through June 2017

Monthly Rate Plans

Plan A (AM ONLY)     6:30 am - 7:45 am     $65.00/PER CHILD

Plan B (PM ONLY)     3:15 pm - 4:30 pm     $65.00/PER CHILD

Plan C (PM ONLY)     3:15 pm - 6:00 pm     $90.00/PER CHILD

Plan D (AM&PM)       6:30 am - 4:30 pm     $90.00/PER CHILD

Plan E (AM &PM)      6:30 am - 6:00 pm     $105.00/PER CHILD