Elementary School

The elementary campus of our school includes classroom environments for Kindergarten to 5th grade students with class sizes of between 12-18 students per room.


The elementary academic program is based on a traditional self-contained environment. Our K-5th grade publishers are: Abeka, McGraw-Hill, and Bob Jones Press


We incorporate biblical principles into our students total day, beginning with daily Bible teaching, praise, worship, and prayer. Biblical concepts are integrated into all core academic subjects and outside of the classroom as well; during recess and physical education conduct of Christian character are expected.


K-5th grade rules are enforced to show kindness and love. We build on character by training our students to develop self-control. Students are expected to use language and speech toward others that does not belittle, slander, or hurt. It is our prayer that all students will be drawn to obey from a change of heart and a desire to do what is right.


The elementary program includes a Physical Education Program where students come dressed in their P.E. uniform and ready to participate in skill and physical development activities in a structured outdoor program. A strong emphasis on health, physical activity, and sportsmanship skills are emphasized.

We have a full service cafeteria program, art room and, computer lab available for our