Happy Harbor Preschool

Happy Harbor Preschool provides a full day of care with a sound educational foundation. We reach children with the love of Jesus Christ by providing a loving environment, in which social, intellectual, spiritual and physical growth can be achieved. Our Staff are all college educated and hired according to the CA state requirements. We have held Accreditation through Associated Christian Schools International (ACSI) for over 6 years. We emphasize development of the total child, with a “hands-on” learning environment. An enriched program of highly creative activities is part of our daily routine, including: Literature, Reading, Math Readiness, Art, Science, Dramatic Play and an extensive Kinder Prep Program. 
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*HHP accepts Children's Home Society and Crystal Stairs.

Curriculum and Goals
The children learn at Happy Harbor by doing. We emphasize the 5 senses as a tool to enhance development. The activities we do at school may look like “play” and it is! Remember that children learn better through play and hands-on experience than by pencil and paper work. Here at Happy Harbor we encourage kinesitic activities rather than stifling the child’s development by forcing them to sit at a table and do work that their eyes, hands and muscles are not ready to do. Research and tests show that the total development of a child occurs best with hands-on learning. The following list of readiness skills is just a beginning of their learning:

  • To develop large motor muscles through outdoor activities (run, jump, hop, skip, balance, climb, etc.).
  • To develop coordination, strength and agility through use of balls, swings, bikes, and other playground apparatuses.
  • To develop small motor muscles through manipulative activities (craft, finger plays, and blocks).
  • To learn to cut with scissors.

Phonics Readiness

  • Recognize alphabet
  • Print name
  • Copy shapes
  • Match shapes, color, and objects
  • Develop listening skills