Middle School

Pacific Harbor Christian Middle School is comprised of 6th, 7th and 8th grades. The students begin their day in their homeroom class, and then rotate to other teachers for core academic instruction in English, Math, and History.


The Middle School academic program is rotational, with students learning Bible and Science in their homeroom, and rotating to other classes for additional academic courses. The academic course of study follows our curriculum as implemented by the teacher.

Our curriculum provider is Bob Jones Press. 


We believe each student is uniquely created for a specific purpose by their Creator to make an impact in the place He has destined for them. Our commitment is to encourage and nurture their love and knowledge for Christ, so they effect their lives and those around them. We understand that the middle school years can be a challenging season in our students lives; we support them through prayer, having a listening ear, and teaching them the appropriate way to make choices and handle conflict.


Equipping students to become responsible citizens of their school community, applicable in their personal life and future. We integrate the building of character skills to teach students how to act socially in ways that bring honor to God and to others.

As we are committed to the above, our Middle School program consists of the following:

Biblically Integrated Curriculum

Physical Education Program

Electives Courses

Worship Team


Student leadership is based upon servant-hood, modeling Christ in the area of service, and discipleship. Students must meet criteria of completing a questionnaire; provide Letters of Recommendation, complete an interview process, and display a character of Christ-likeness. Our student council is comprised of 8th grade students and representatives from 6th and 7th grades.

The Student Council plans special events for our student body, participates in ministry outreaches throughout the year, and supports with school activities, weekly chapels, and other leadership areas.